The Invited Artists

(alphabetical order)


Ahram Kwon (Korea)

Boonliang Keawnapan (Thailand)

 David Mrugala (Germany)

Eunji Jung (Korea)

Hanspeter Ammann (Switzerland)

 Irina Voulgari (Greece)

Jinsik Shin (Korea)

Joonsik Shin (Korea)

Julie René de Cotret (Canada)

 Jung-Chul Hur (Korea)

Kanitta Meechubot (Thailand)

 Maki Hosoi (Japan)

Mark Starel (Poland)

Minna Parkkinen (Finland)

Nikos Papadimitriou (Greece)

ShawHong Ser (Malaysia)

Simon Larbalestier (UK)

Sirikoy Chutataweesawas (Thailand)

 Sungyeon Park (Korea)

Thomas Donaldson (UK)

Wonsuk Choi (Korea)

Wednesday 2 May to Tuesday 8 May 2018

Gallery I and Gallery II, Konkuk University Glocal Campus, Chungju, Korea

Opening Reception: 4 pm, Wednesday 2 May 2018

Presented by

New Media Art Laboratory, Konkuk University

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Major in Media Contents, Department of Media, College of Design, Konkuk University

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