Hanspeter Ammann


Hanspeter Ammann was born in 1953 in Zurich, Switzerland. He lives and works today in Zurich, Bangkok and in Shanghai. He started producing Art Videos in the late 70ies when Video Art was a relatively new art form in Europe.


His video works have been shown (selection) in: Marriot Centre for Dance, Salt Lake City, USA, (2007), Utah Art’s Festival, USA (2006), Nominated for the 50 Best, German TV WDR (2004), Identity and Heritage, Macau Art Festival, China (2004), INVIDEO, Milan, Italy (2003), CCCB, Barcelona, Spain (2003), VIDARTE, Mexico (2002), Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Holland, (2001), LUX, London, UK (2001 and 1999), VIDEOLISBOA, the big prize of the city of Lisbon (2000), Microwave, Hong Kong, China, (1999), Itau Cultural, Sao Paulo, Brazil (1999), You Are Invited, Swiss Institute, New York, USA (1998), AV Ark, Helsinki, Finland (1997), MAGASIN, Grenoble, France (1996), Casa Serralves, Porto, Lisbon (1994), Transformacçes, Lisbon (1990), Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria (1987), FRI ART, New York, USA

(1985), Video 84, Montreal, Canada (1984), Phoenix, Frankfurt, Germany (1981).


Hanspeter’s videos have been broadcasted on many European stations and he won a number of prizes and awards at international competitions and festivals. In order to promote video art, this exciting form of artistic expression

he started curating international video art shows for museums and festivals some years ago.


Hanspeter Ammann, a still from Rabbit, 2017, single channel video, 13 minutes, black and white, sound



Two young African men spend time together and once in a while a white rabbit shows up….