Irina Voulgari


Irina Voulgari is a freelancer graphic designer and a nonprofessional photographer. Her personal interests in photography has started since she was a student and continues until now experimenting in different mediums. She has attended various seminars in BW photography, photography print and creative photography.


She has studied Graphic Arts and she gained her Master’s Degree in Visual Communication from Kent Institute of Art & Design (renamed as UCA: University for the Creative Arts), in the UK. She is specialized in book design and graphic applications for museums and universities. Since 1998, Irina has collaborated with many publishing companies, universities, museums and direct clients in Greece.


Nowadays, after marrying to her Portuguese husband and giving birth to her daughter, she is living in Mykonos and spend some months every year in Athens and Lisbon.

Irina Voulgari, Urban/Rural (Old lady in Orange Trees), 2016, Photography, size variable



I’m from Greece and my husband is a Portuguese. Lisbon is my second “home” and one of my source of inspiration in photography. In the end of 2016 we stayed in Graca, a typical neighbourhood of Lisbon and one of the oldest.


The picture of the old lady captures the coexistence of the rural environment inside an urban space and preserves the remains of the farms that used to surround the city. This picture was taken in Lisbon, Portugal in December of 2016.