Joonsik Shin


Joonsik Shin is New York based active artist. He studied at Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY), Major in Fine Arts and received his Master’s Degree. Before he came to New York, he studied Art History at George Mason University (Fair fax, VA).


During last 20 years, he has been active in various exhibitions, including a solo exhibition at  Exit Art gallery, Ceres Gallery, Tompkins Square Gallery, etc. in New York City. He also co-founded cultural projects called '3rd Ward Brooklyn' and served as senior director. He served as a board of committee at Bushwick Arts festival from 2009~2012 and produced many exciting 'Street Art Scenes'.


In 2014, he had a live exhibition at VR Art Museum in Silicon Valley VR EXPO as a VR art Live performer. Later he had more show as a VR Art artist a full-fledged VR artist at 'SVVR - Silicon Valley VR EXPO' - San Jose, CA and through SAMSUNG STAGE and ART CUBE FESTA, he became VR Art Pioneer.


"VR Art transcends the existing painting work and carries out the painting and creates the space. The world of 'virtual reality' literally is another real world, not an actual reality, but an artist becomes a magician and a creator it is such a new creation world that can become, and it is an infinite charm."

Joonsik Shin, a still from Future is full of hope-II, 2018, virtual reality painting, color, silence

Future is full of hope-II


Virtual Reality is a real world that can be felt multi-sensory beyond the realizing something in a virtual space.


Virtual reality art, VR-ART extends the limited expression in 2D. It creates the another way of producing the Art work like engraving the painting in the infinite area like stereoscopic sculptures.


In addition, VR-Art refers to the artistic world in which audience can directly enter into the creative space created by the artist based on the world of virtual reality beyond the form of appreciation of existing works of art and experience the multi senses. The  audience feels like reality but they can experience 'a totally different sensation’.


My recent work, Future is full of hope-II seems to express the general natural elements and natural forms that are often encountered in the actual natural environment in which we live, but it is also very heterogeneous that is filled with futuristic things.


It seems to be a collection of very natural elements, but the ones that lead and shape the nature are made up of heterogeneous creatures that we have not seen before.


It is the world of virtual reality created by imagining that the future of human beings can be images and shapes seen in unexpected viewpoints, unlike the typical imaginary images that are hopeful in our current scientific viewpoint or despaired.


I imagined and visualized invisible elements such as light, sound, energy, and magnetic fields, and wanted to create a feeling of the pure painting. Audiences who are teleported into the work of Art  will experience as though they were indeed transplanted into a huge natural space, and they have drawn a kind of commonality by looking at the visible world through invisible things. I was free to portray a scientific perspective, a universal view transcending science, or a transition from the past to the future, or from the future to the past.