Kanitta Meechubot


Kanitta Meechubot is a visual artist and her works investigate mostly deep inside human’s body. Under human’s skin, she found the connection between never-ending nerves and veins that resemble the form of trees in the natural landscape.


After graduated from the Central Saint Martins, London in 2011 with a Master’s Degree in Communication Design, she has worked on both self-initiated and commissioned projects, as well as held numerous workshops and exhibitions.


Meechubot’s work has been exhibited internationally including at The Book Club, London; Citi Group / Bank of America exhibition, London; Somerset House, London; Lockhart Gallery, Geneseo, New York; Nika Exhibition, Bangkok Art & Culture Center (BACC), Bangkok; The Jam Factory, Bangkok. She has been commissioned for various creative projects, her clients in the UK include Granta Magazine, Bloomsbury publishing, Cicada Books publication, Lost in London, and her Thai clients also include L’officiel Magazine, marie claire Magazine, Dichan Magazine.


Meechubot has been based in Bangkok, Thailand and currently lectures on the Visual Communication Design program at the Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University. She has also given numerous lectures on Self-expression Illustration which is her favorite topic, at various venues and occasions.


Kanitta Meechubot,  a still from The Season’s of Soul, 2018, single channel video, 9 minutes 19 seconds, color, sound

The Season’s of Soul


The film made from the photomontage of The Season's of Soul, a series of my grandparents’ lifetime journey through the changing seasons. I wanted to bring the old photographs come to life, and capture those incandescent moments.


The trees as a symbol of birth and death through the change of seasons in comparison to a human being’s life cycle. I focused on working with the natural beauty of dried flowers, organic materials and my family photographs.


The film moves from branch to branch in each season to see where have they been, where have they come from. Their first meeting is like the spring when flowers are reborn and the heavy scent of new blossom permeates the air. In the summer their relationship ripens – they marry, raise a family, retire into old age. In the blustery fall of leaves in autumn her illness is revealed and then, finally, the death-carriage bears her away when winter comes.


The sound was recorded in the real moment of my grandparents’ conversation, in the hospital, at home, and the final moment when my grandmother passed away.