Maki Hosoi


Maki Hosoi, also known as ‘Pegyo Home’, was born in Tokyo, Japan. He studied oil paintings at the Tokyo Art University and graduated from the university in 1990. While he was attending the painting program, in the late eighties, he began to explore computer animations and found his interests in this relatively new digital form of creative expression at that time. It was a natural transition to him, after graduation from the program, Hosoi established himself as a freelance 3D animator as well as an illustrator.


From 1996 to 1999, he was a professional animator at Alpha Incorporated. In 1999, he was invited as a visiting artist, for animation experimentations, at the Kent Institute of Art & Design (later renamed as University for the Creative Arts), Maidstone in the UK. After returning to home, thereafter, Hosoi continued being a freelance animator, dedicating his creativity to numerous commercial advertisings and TV programs. Recent years, apart from his long career as a commercial animator, Hosoi began to produce a variety of experimental animations as his own creative exploration and he shares his witty and humorous animations with viewers on the Internet as well as through exhibitions.


Maki Hosoi, stills from Untitled, 2015-2017, animation loop, 2 minutes, color, sound



I have created CG animations and motion graphics as part of various TV programs and advertising projects for several decades.


One day, I have realized that I have really nothing to show my own works to share with people, world audiences on the internet in particular. In 2015, I started to produce a series of 6 seconds long short experimental animations and began to post on video SNS platform Vine, which had been getting popular.


The interesting thing is that online viewers give me their very honest feedbacks and comments instantly, and communication with people that really encourage me to look new ideas. This makes a real difference to the nature of my usual job.


Unfortunately, last year the Vine stopped the service, and now I’ve been looking for other SNS media platform where my animations can settle better for viewers and connect my animations with world audiences efficiently.


For this exhibition, I have put my 20 short animations together, which produced between 2015 and 2017, and transformed a continually looping video. They are simple, humorous and easy to understand.