Mark Starel


Mark Starel is an intermedia artist. He creates statistical images inspired by databases or statistical messages, mainly on the subject of people's social behavior. The starting point of his work is the assumption that contemporary reality is a statistical reality. He is the author of the Statistical Art Manifest. Since 2011, together with a group of European artists, he has been creating the international artistic movement "Discursive Geometry", of which he is the originator. This idea incorporates geometrical art into currently ongoing discourses, including social, language, science, or art itself. Mark has made over 30 individual exhibitions and has participated in over 140 collective exhibitions in Europe, Canada and the USA.

Mark Starel, a still from Statistical Picture K_178_15 Attitude to immigrants – random, 2016, procedural animation, algorithm, Processing, silence

Statistical Picture K_178_15 Attitude to immigrants – random


The presented work is a procedural animation inspired by the Center for Public Opinion Research (CBOS) survey Nr 178/2015 "Attitude to immigrants in the Visegrad Group countries". The studied attitude towards immigrants in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia was aimed at capturing xenophobic attitudes understood as fears of strangers.


The division of the circle into 4 or 8 parts represents one or two questions asked to the surveyed people. The light and dark colors represent the answers "I agree" and "I disagree". The numerical data from the CBOS report served as the framework for drawing by the pseudo-random number program, which takes place in real time. Simultaneous visualization of data takes place in real time. Code and assumed processuality means here an endless animation, which subsequent images never repeat.