Minna Parkkinen


Minna Parkkinen is a film maker and a visual artist who examines the relationship of motion picture and still images, the concept of time and emotion. Parkkinen works with experimental film, photography, painting and concrete. In addition to her Master’s degree in Arts, she has studied photography in Madrid and experimental film in San Francisco. Her works have been shown in over 30 international film festivals in Germany, France, Spain, the U.S.A, Canada and Brazil among other countries.

Minna Parkkinen, a still from Circle, 2010, single channel film, 6 minutes, color, sound



Circle is the third part of the experimental film trilogy Paseo de los Tristes which deals of grief caused by sudden death of a loved one. Circle shows that after acceptance new life slowly emerges as you are finally ready to appreciate the beauty and mystery of the nature and the mundane every day activities that surround us. The hand processing technique joins the different expressions. One can see traces of scars and artful surface in the celluloid images.