Nikos Papadimitriou


Nikos Papadimitriou was born in Chios, Greece. He studied painting and printmaking at the School of Fine Arts in Athens. In 1995 under Erasmus scholarship, he went to Edinburgh College of Art and in the year 2000 he was awarded a master degree in Visual Communication from the University of Kent (Kent Institute of Art & Design). He has made 14 solo shows and participated in various group shows locally and internationally. Papadimitriou was chosen to participate in Biennale of Sarajevo, Tel-Aviv, Prague, Istanbul and Athens.


Since 2002 he is teaching at TEI (Technological Educational Institute of Athens) and others levels of education. He is also a founder member of the nonprofit art platform called “Lo and Behold” which established in 2008 with a group of artists. He lives and works in Athens, Greece.


Nikos Papadimitriou, Escape 1, 2017, photography, size variable



The series of photographs under the title escape is related to the ongoing economic crisis in Greece. The images at first sight seem to be irrelevant with the crisis issue and “Grexit” fear. But through these images, I would like to depict the calmness of nature and at the same time to underline the significant relation between human and nature.


I would like to address the continuous pressure applied to people of this country for almost eight years and their need to find a breakout using nature as detox method from their calculated with carrying value terms “normal” life. Their great need to escape from the sad “reality”…


The images were shot at seaside places quite close to the Greek capital (Athens), at Aegina island, Agistri island, Oropos bay and also at Tsapi bay at Peloponnesus (South part of Greece).


The photos are not set, there are unpublished and were taken with an i-pad mini camera during the summer of 2017.